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Our Illustrated Novel!!

Perfect Paperback

228 pages

over 150 drawings $12

Click on back of book for readable text

and its companion...

Coloring & Activity Book

 80 pages


Click on back of book for pictures and excerpts

Free Shipping (domestic US)

Perfect bound copies of the novel, each with a hand-made hardcover. Every one is unique and  numbered.

$24  click here for current selection (includes domestic shipping)

Magically Bottled Dragon Eggs

$10 each

click here

Treasure Candles
$30 Large

Free Shipping (domestic US)

Each candle is a one-of-a-kind hand crafted original, includes at least three hidden treasures (see examples) and was made with recycled materials from Scrap. Candles vary from 4”-6” tall and have different sized wicks. Each candle burns at a different rate.
     Click here for Large Candles

Free Shipping (domestic US)

These mini candles are 2-3” tall, come with instructions and a wooden stand.

$15  (includes domestic shipping)

click here for Mini Candles

click here for Mini Candles

Secret Compartment Books

$11-13 each

each book has a 2” round hole in the middle

click here for more info and to order

Free Shipping (domestic US)

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Temporary Tattoo

2” from nose to tip of tail

Stays on through multiple  washings with soap!!!!

Comes off with vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, scotch tape or time.

Sambuka Black Treasure Box

A pine wood box with a branded sliding lid which contains:

  • our novel,
  • its companion activity book,
  • a dragon egg mini treasure candle,
  • a temporary dragon tattoo,
  • a ‘carve a wooden chain’ kit,
  • a magically bottled dragon egg,
  • a secret compartment book and
  • a replica of Alex’s map of Kanadan.

$55 (includes Priority shipping)

Hand Made

Letter Pressed Cards click here

$4 ea/$16 set of 6

Our pictures can now be found as:

T-Shirts on!!!

or any other mug, ipod case, keychain, doggie clothes, etc. Our store has a few ready-made items (and I’ll be making more) which you can order or you can go wild and create your own! If you have a special request and would like me to design it for you, send me an email at

I’ve used the site below for several fonts including the one on the back of our book and it works wonderfully.

Your Fonts - Font Generator
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