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Wooden stands are 3” wide and one comes with each candle.

$30 each - Free Shipping!!    (international extra)

Each candle is a one-of-a-kind hand crafted original, includes 3, 4, or more hidden treasures (see examples) and was made with recycled materials from Scrap. Candles vary from 4”-6” tall and have different sized wicks. Burning times vary depending on your technique. Some are slightly scented and some will smell differently at different times.

Pictures are not to scale, wood stands are 3” wide.

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Each Candle is Unique

Every Candle Burns at a Different Rate

Patience is a Virtue

Do Not Burn Unattended

$30 each (includes shipping)

Good for One Wish (see below)

Duncan's Ugly Duckling

These instructions come with every candle:

Burning a treasure candle is a journey.

It must be watched at all times and tilted in different positions so that it burns the whole candle and yet does not go out.

Some candles take more work than others.

Burn your candle on a pie tin so you have somewhere to pour the wax that threatens to flood the wick.

All items shipped FREE to any domestic US location.

Treasure Candle Tenet

   Constantly watching a Treasure Candle while it’s burning (doesn’t have to be all in one sitting) will earn the watcher one wish. Not all wishes come true, but be careful because some do.

   Some Treasure Candles are lightly scented and some will smell differently at different times. Legend says the aroma of a Treasure Candle has the power to bring certain things. A citrus or fruity scent brings energy; sugary sweet brings happiness; spicy hot inspires passion; fresh or astringent will bring change. It is also said that on rare occasion, one will smell chocolate which brings a warm feeling of satisfaction.

   Some Treasure Candles have different colors on the inside than on the outside and this means that if one’s Candle Wish is fulfilled, it will be in an unexpected way.

   Some Treasure Candles have two wicks, these take more work. They will burn faster; you will get your treasures sooner. If you use a two-wick candle to earn a Candle Wish, be careful, there is twice as likely a chance that your wish will be fulfilled.

   The decorations on Treasure Candles are fashioned after different types of dragon eggs.

    Rock shaped eggs tend to be luckier dragons. This has never been definitively proven, but it’s uncanny how it tends to work out that way.

    Spotted eggs are camouflaged for being laid on the ground.

    Layered eggs are from aquatic dragons and generally laid in shallow tide pools.

    Striped eggs come from high-perched nests in jungles or on cliff walls.

The type of dragon egg replicated tends to aid in the type of wish if used to earn a Candle Wish.

    Rock shaped eggs are favored when the wish could use a little extra luck to get it to work.

    Spotted eggs help with wishes designed to gain possessions.

    Layered eggs help with empathy inspired wishes or wishes for other people.

    Striped candles help with wishes involving experiences.

  In the land of Kanadan*, arts, crafts, and handmade objects are highly prized because it is common knowledge that something special goes into an item when made with care. And although gifts are many times given on birthdays, exchanged on the winter holiday of Zazzle or the summer holiday of Sizzle, gifts are mostly given on unexpected occasions in order to accent the element of surprise. Another tradition in Kanadan is that when a gift is given, the package in which it is presented will be a piece of art or experience all of its own.

   Treasure candles containing engagement jewelry are very popular. Use caution, though, when presenting a candle to that certain special someone. If not matrimony-minded, state very clearly that your gift is NOT an engagement candle. Of course, many crafty proposers will proclaim exactly such denials to enhance their romantic surprise. Tread lightly with a tender heart.

*Kanadan is the mythical homeland of Duncan & Alex and is featured in the adventure fantasy novel, Sambuka Black.

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