Coming Soon

The Sequel

We have a two inch thick stack of college-lined paper full of notes for “Sambuka Noir”

What do they name little purple? What’s Kara’s major magic? What’s Sambuka Black and what does it have to do with Sambuka Noir?

The more books we sell, the more time we have to write the sequel, so spread the word! Like us on Facebook! Write a review on Amazon! Send a letter to Ellen Degeneres! Tell your school library they should have a copy of our book available for checkout!

Sambuka Black Treasure Box

A pine wood box with a branded sliding lid which contains:

  • our novel, its companion activity book,
  • a dragon egg treasure candle,
  • a temporary dragon tattoo,
  • a ‘carve a wooden chain’ kit,
  • a magically bottled dragon egg,
  • a secret compartment book and and
  • a replica of Alex’s map of Kanadan.


Hand-Sewn, Leather Bound Originals


These individually crafted books will be printed with carbon-only ink on archival quality, hand-made, acid-free, 100% bamboo rag paper that will last for centuries.


Being unique pieces of art, the colors and materials of the covers will vary and although most will be leather-bound, I will bind some in natural fibers for the vegans out there. Every book will be hand-sewn and every cover embossed with the Sambuka Black Icon. The full-color photo on the paperback will be hand-mounted inside the front cover with those cute little black photo mounting corners.


Numbered and signed by the artists, your book will not only be a collector’s item, it will be a treasure you will pass down through generations to come.


Audio Book!

World-class voice talent, Michele Mariana (The Little Prince, Adventures of Mark Twain, Sesame Street, Rugrats, Where’s Waldo, to name a few), has agreed to read our novel for the audio book version. We will be funding this project through Kickstarter  and will paste a link on our site when it goes up).

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