backing up, mouth open, bouncing up and down on all fours as if on hot coals. He was skinny and bony with raptor-like claws, a pointy snout, wrinkly folded wings and a snaking spear tip tail. He looked toothy and vicious, but his movements were puppyish and uncoordinated as he slid into the wall then dart behind the dresser.     Kara sprang to her feet, expecting a dangerous, messy, noisy chase. Instead, the little lizard scampered back out, squatted, wiggled, then leaped into her arms, peeping happily and licking her laughing face.“Hahahaha! Shhh, little dragon! Shhh. Yes, that’s you! Little Dragon!” Her giggles lowered to a whisper, “We have to be quiet!” Dragon’s peeping became softer. He nuzzled her awestruck face, licked her ear, sniffed the air a couple times and then slowly but purposefully, stretched his neck in the direction of the cookies.“You’re hungry. Of course you’re hungry! I guess the flowers were just an appetizer, huh? You want a cookie? Mmmm cookie.” She sat down on the bed with him and he munched ecstatically.Cookie! Cookie! Cookie!Kara jumped, shocked to hear actual words. She tried to shush him again, but then drew back. She plugged her ears and the ambient munching noise was muffled, but Dragon’s voice was still clear.

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