Note: 5% of proceeds from Sambuka Black are donated to ferret charities

Click here to go to Zazzle and buy a shirt. You can even customize the style and fabric color.

Buy a Robo-Ferret T-shirt from Zazzle and proceeds go to the Cascade Ferret Network cascadeferret.org

This is Sadie and Bella sleeping together the first night they met. Both were found on craigslist and are now best of friends. Bella is a bit younger, but Sadie does her best to keep up.

Bella (left) was adopted at 9 months old from owners who could no longer take care of her. She is one of the sweetest, most social ferrets we’ve known, partly due to the fact that she grew up with a kitten.

Sadie (right) was rescued at a year old from an owner who kept her in a 10 gallon glass aquarium as if she were a hamster. She’s much happier now in her 3-story ferret nation and loves rubbery jingle balls.

This copper spiral has a groove just wide enough for a coin and empties into a metal jug at the bottom. Make a wish, drop a coin, watch it spiral down, and your change will go to ferret charity. We have this set up when we do festivals and carry a supply of car wash tokens for the kids to make wishes with.


Coins go to Oregon Ferret Sheltor oregonferretshelter.org


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