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It was a dark time. Majestic creatures were enslaved and oppressed and fear smothered the land. Only the cleverness and bravery of a little girl could save us. A tour de force...

Well, thatís a little melodramatic but, no, things were not good. This, however, is an endearing story of the loyalty of friendship and the power of redemption. An adventure mixed with mystery, peppered with puzzles, dredged in danger and sprinkled with a light dusting of magic.

And cooking!

Are you ever not hungry?

And I wear a skirt!

Donít tell people that.

The pictures below link to actual pages from the novel.

Karaís mom is a carpenter and this is the shelf of bottles in her workshop. Do you know what each one is? There are detailed descriptions at the back of the novel.

Look Inside

This is Duncan and Alexís bookcase. Do some of the books sound familiar? Sort of? There is a full bibliography at the back of the novel with every book described.

Look Inside

page 36                                          Look At Full Page

Kara got out of bed and pantomimed to Dragon to stay put, whispering, ďIíll be back,Ē as she set the last cookie in front of him and went out. He watched her go, sitting up tall with the sheet draped over his head.

page 8   Look At Full Page

He stared down in horror, waiting for the rush of pain, dangling and kicking as he was taken back toward the slaughterhouse in the belly of the mountain.

page 24              Look At Full Page

Dad blinked at the unexpected question then said, with an air of nostalgia, ďI was eleven. I was so excited! The first enchanted thing I ever built was a doghouse...

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page 51

He nervously waved his hand over the weathered orb and it began to glow dimly.

page 48                                Look At Full Page

... dangling from a long diaphanous sash, she whipped around a bendy spire, contorting and twisting and spinning as if she didnít know the ground was there to walk on.

page 38      Look At Full Page

Kara moved on to knocking opalescent beetles off half-eaten leaves and into the pot. They had the same color patterns as the grubs, but with legs and exoskeletons, too.

page 82  Look At Full Page

On the grounds below, the angry citizens are rioting, pitchforks and torches held aloft, crying for the dragonís head.

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