Here are some stores in Portland, Oregon, who carry our books and some of our related items on their shelves.

St. Johns Booksellers  8622 N. Lombard, Portland, OR

Novels and Activity Books

This neighborhood bookstore has a wonderful selection of new and used books.


ACE Hardware at 7825 N Lombard and The Body Bistro at 7338 N Baltimore both carry our Treasure Candles.

Freaky But True Peculiarium 2234 NW Thurman Ave, Portland, OR 97210

Novels, activity books and bottled dragon eggs.

Their store of oddities features an alien autopsy and items ranging from fine art to candied insects. They also serve hot dogs and ice cream. Check their site for current hours of operation and more.    www.freakybuttrue.com

Green Bean Books at 1600 NEAlberta, Portland, OR, has every book imaginable for young children to young adults and has one of our novels on their shelf.


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