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Home has enticing information about our illustrated adventure/fantasy novel.

Bios&Reviews is where we overcome our modesty and brag about our work and achievements.

Map of Kanadan is a detailed piece of cartography drawn by Alex from memory. Duncan and Alex left Kanadan several hundred years ago and are still searching for their way back. We’re pretty sure they’ll return sometime during the 4th or 5th book, so check back for updates.

Look Inside has pictures, a video and excerpts from the novel for your enjoyment.

If you would like to order our books or related items, you can go to Buy Things and shop with a PayPal shopping cart. (no account needed)

Events has our schedule of in-person appearances and pictures of past happenings.

Things to Ponder are the questions which make our novel a mystery.

Coming Soon are items we are currently working on, including the sequel, Sambuka Noir.

Ferrets has links to our ferret charities and pictures of our girls.

Design History has art and anecdotes from  early work on Sambuka Black.

Medievalness chronicles our adventures in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

ChezChampignon will take you away from this mythical land of Kanadan and into our mundane company’s website where you will find all sorts of unique artwork.

Contact Us has our email address.

Privacy tells you how we won’t sell your info.

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