Things to Ponder

Our story isn’t a cliffhanger, but parts of it are a mystery. Designed to be read over and over, new clues will jump out at you unexpectedly. So as you enjoy it a second time...and a some point, you might just figure some things out.

And when you do.......keep it a secret.

If you tell someone, you will be stealing their chance of discovering it on their own.

If you can’t contain yourself, you can always email us at and, of course, they will be answered in the sequel.

    1. What did they finally decide to name Dragon?

    2. Why is Dragon so rare and valuable?

    3. What is Kara’s major magic talent?

    4. What does the title mean?

    5. What is the name of Dad’s “magically challenged” friend?

Yes, we already have the answers to these questions and when the sequel is published, you will realize without a doubt that we’ve known all along.

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